Thursday, May 21, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hi friends! I am so happy it's Friday and I'm even happier that we have a 4-day weekend!! Summer is so close, I can almost taste it.
I have so many favorites on my list, that it's been hard to narrow down! Here's my top FIVE (with an extra thrown in there).

 As I shared before, I'm doing the 21-day fix right now. These Shakeology drinks are SO stinkin good! I bought the variety pack (really glad I did!) and am loving the different flavors. This one is blended with a scoop of the chocolate and a cup of Starbucks coffee and ice. Tasted like a chocolate Frappuccino. Delish.

Probably my favorite meal from the week, was this yummy salad. I threw a whole lot of everything in there, chopped it up and voila! For the record, this was 1.5 green, 1 yellow, 1 red, and 1 orange.

And while we are talking about food, here has been my dessert. In fact, I just put my bowl down. Greek yogurt and frozen blueberries drizzled with raw honey.

My favorite grocery store just opened! It's not super close to us, but it is really close to where Jake plays baseball. It's a good excuse to stop by and pick things up before or after a game.

One of my favorite activities to do with the girls, is to take them to the zoo. We've got a membership, so it feels practically free and it's always a little different, depending on the weather, the animals and the activities.

My absolute favorite way for her to wear her hair, is like this. Undo braids and a sweet little face. Can it get any cuter?! #momgoggles

And I'm sneaking in a sixth, just because I can. Brett decided that he wanted to be the bat boy for Jake's baseball team this year and HE is my favorite! I can't take the cuteness! He skips from the dugout to grab the bat, smiling from ear to ear. When he grabs the bat, he frantically starts waving and yelling, "hi mom!" with such a look of pride....and then skips back. I absolutely love his love for life.

And with that, I wish you a fantastic weekend. We are hoping the sun sticks around so we can get some serious yard work done around here.


  1. Looks like our meals are "vaguely" familiar!!!! Yes delish! Whole Foods, we have two and I'm never in there because when I do go in I'm trapped for hours. I go into sensory overload. Hmmm maybe I can get in there this weekend. Your babies are beautiful! Congrats to the awesome bat boy! Happy weekending & yay for summer! xo Amanda

  2. Your kids are all so adorable! That salad looks soo good!

  3. Shakeology is my favorite fave is adding PB2 to the chocolate. Your family is adorable!

  4. Loved seeing your favorites!! My whole foods is far away too! That makes it even more special to go!
    Happy Weekend!