Sunday, May 31, 2015

Our weekend

Hi. It's me. Just incase you forgot, because I've been the worst blogger. Friday, I actually started a "Favorites" post, but fell asleep and it never happened. And once the weekend begins, forget about it. No time!

But, I'm here today and that's what matters, right?!

First and foremost, many of you have asked about and been praying for my friend's baby. She arrived Wednesday night and is absolutely perfect!! Thank you for the prayers. Maybe she'll make a guest appearance on the blog in the near future. ;-)
Our weekend started on Friday, and it was a great day! My mom called me on Friday morning and asked if our nanny could bring the girls over to her house. They had my nephews for the weekend and the boys wanted to play in the pool with my girls. My mom said they'd even keep them for naps. Um, yes, please! This meant that I had a couple hours in the afternoon to workout and mop my floors. It was glorious. Amazing how productive I can be, without little people at my feet! And I really love starting the weekend with a clean house (and clean floors)!

While I was doing that, they were doing this.

Saturday morning, I heard our doorbell ring, and was confused. Turns out, my hubby ran to Starbucks to surprise me with a special drink. Thanks, babe. He knows the way to my heart.
And then we had a couple hours before the baseball tournament (thank you afternoon games), to get some yard work done. We had 5 yards of crushed rock and 5 yards of beauty bark/mulch delivered. When it's poured on the front driveway, that's definitely motivation to get it spread and cleaned up! Our poor neighbors have to stare at it until it's done! I'm excited to show some pictures of our progress. We are making some pretty major changes to our batting cage and the very back of our yard.

These two took a little snack break between the work. They are pretty darn good helpers, I'm telling you. Especially Molly. She likes to get the job done!

And then Saturday afternoon and evening, this is what we did. Baseball, baseball and more baseball. So thankful for the weather, awesome boys, and the BEST families! I don't think I could survive baseball season without the support of the baseball moms. We've spent hours and hours together this season, and we're only halfway done!

Sunday was another tournament, but our game didn't start until lunch time, so we had the morning to do a little yard work, bake some cookies, and get a few projects taken care of around the house. This guy attempted oatmeal cookies completely on his own.

I love this cute sister crew at all of the games. This isn't all of the sisters, but quite a few. Today, they were playing dress up with scarves, jewelry and lip gloss, and prancing around the sidelines. Cutest thing, ever!

Meanwhile, this handsome bat boy, was serious about his role. I love that Brett gets to be a part of the game, too.

Post-game, Jake had a birthday party, so I took the younger three to the park, to the grocery store and then out to dinner. And when we got home at 7:30pm, I literally felt like I would collapse. Instead, I bathed all three, cleaned the house (which was a disaster at this point!), did a couple loads of laundry, prepped meals for the week, and finally collapsed on the couch at 9:30pm. Such is life right now.
How fun is this party?! Jake's best buddy also turned 10, and they spent the party swimming, rock climbing and doing a ton of cool things!

I took this picture because she looked so old as she was climbing. And then I realized that her curls are starting to fall as her hair gets longer. Wahhhh. She had the most beautiful curls in her hair and they are slowly turning to waves with the weight of her hair. I never want to cut it because I'm afraid they will be gone forever. When her hair is really clean, after a bath, they ringlet up, but after a few hours, they look pulled out. Boo!

I had to take this picture of myself at the park to show you some real life. My pants were filthy! Baseball games are dusty and dirty and there is no way around that!

This is way past bedtime, but gave me a chance to do the dishes in peace and quiet. I had to run out and take a quick picture because it was just too cute. All three of them were shooting hoops with their own basketballs (and baskets).

I hope you had a great weekend, too! For many of you, it's summer already. I'm so jealous! We've got 3 weeks of school left. Not sure I can make it!!!!!!


  1. I'm seriously in awe of you and how you pack so much into your weekends. No actually, each day. You're so productive yet you guys have so much fun. I need to learn your skills.

  2. Aww those cute little girlies remind me of my childhood. I grew up at the baseball field watching my brother play and my dad coach! Love that your hubs surprised you with Starbucks - very sweet! I would love to be swimming! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. What a sweet hubby you have! Who wouldn't be excited to have Starbucks delivered on a Saturday morning.

  4. Looks like a great weekend! I so remember all the summer days spent at the ball park!

  5. I love your kitchen dining room area, it's so bright and clean ;) Your kiddos are just too cute. And your husband is such a sweetheart for the coffee.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. How amazing of your Mom and your hubby. Your family is so sweet :). We signed Jillian up for t ball so this is my first babe ball Mom Summer!

  7. Sounds like such a fun weekend with your family! And those pool shots are so precious! My daughter is a water baby too. And starbucks bevies are the key to my heat too :)