Sunday, June 14, 2015

A {quick} weekend recap!

Here's to long summer days, fun-filled weekends and QUICK re-caps because we are all exhausted!!! 
I teach mostly seniors and because their last day was Thursday, I feel basically done!! Wahoo!! So, Friday felt like the first day of summer and Molly and I celebrated by doing "Cardio Fix". Kidding. Sort of.
In reality, this girl loves to workout with me. She runs upstairs to change into her "workout clothes" and shoes, and will stay active for the entire 30 minutes. I seriously love her.

We followed up our workout with a huge bowl of strawberries. Our favorite!

Once Adam got home from school, we decided to BBQ to celebrate the fact that he didn't have football or baseball practice for the first time in 2 straight weeks. It was a little surreal having him home by 3pm. And I had to document with a picture because the kids and I surprised him with a brand new BBQ for Father's Day. He got it early since he'll be gone at a football clinic next Sunday.

Saturday we ran errands, finished up some major yard work, visited friends who just moved, and spent the afternoon and evening at a baseball game. Shocker.
It was the last regular season game for these boys and I'm so proud of them!!! We are moving on to the playoffs this week, but finished second in our league. Considering we are a really young team, I think we did AWESOME!

We were at the game for over 4 hours and I think this girl had enough. The heat, the dust, the overly full belly (serious snacks!), and the pure exhaustion got to her.

This crew had a blast, though!

One of the players had a birthday, so we celebrated with treats after the game.

And swung by chick-fil-a on the way home. It was our first visit (we just got our first one in WA!) and were totally impressed! The customer service was unreal. We had to wait a few minutes at the drive thru because Adam's wrap was taking a long time. She kept apologizing profusely and then delivered a large oreo shake for our family to share while we waited. Um, yes please.

It's safe to say that we'll be repeat customers.

Sunday morning, we played hooky from church because Adam had to help our friends move. This made for a cozy morning in jammies with pancakes. Daddy always has on-lookers. #welcometomyworld #icantevenpeealone

I took the kids to my parents while Adam helped move. Lunch was fresh from their garden. Everything from the tuna. That came from a can. Duh.

We did a whole lot of this.

Cousin love.

We celebrated Father's Day early and finished the evening off with a hot fudge sundae bar. Um, hello.

My daddy and my hubby. The two best men I know. Oh, and Mt. Rainier doing a little photo bombing in the background. ;-)

After avoiding sweets for the past 3 weeks, my stomach was not feeling too hot after this. But, it was worth it. Absolute heaven.

And finally, a long "rockabyebaby" while putting her to sleep tonight. On Saturday, my sweet baby girl will be TWO. I rocked and rocked and rocked her tonight, cherishing every single second.
This birthday is going to be hard on me.

Happy last week of school to all of my teacher friends!!! Bring on the summer!


  1. What a great weekend!! So much fun outside and how cute that your little one loves to workout with you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. How fun that she works out with you! Too cute!

  3. Bring on the summer is right!!!! I still have to work until Wednesday - only because I didn't want to take the days off. When are you officially done? Looks like you guys had a busy but fun weekend!

    1. We go until Friday!!! But, it's a 1/2 day, so it's not too bad. Horray for your last day of school!

  4. What a fun weekend! That hot fudge sundae bar is making me hungry! ;-)

    1. Yes, it was amazing!! I always forget how much I love that for dessert!