Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's Friday!!!

And the best and most favorite thing about's the last day of school!!!! Wahooo!!!!!! I can hardly contain my excitement! Serious, I love teaching so much, but summer is one of the reasons why. It gives us a chance to rejuvenate and get excited to start back, all over again. I'm sure September 8th will come quickly, but I'm just going to sit back with my coffee, my four kids and my hubby, and enjoy the next 2.5 months!!
Here are some of my favorite summer things:


fun summer-y drinks. I think the mojito is my favorite drink to make and I just may need to whip one up tonight, in order to celebrate. Oh wait, my son has a baseball game. Guess we'll be doing that super late!


sunscreen. I have a couple favorites, but these are usually my go-to's. I also have a face lotion with a built in SPF, because I'm super paranoid about skin cancer. #girlwithlotsofmolesproblems



priceline. We love to take last-minute vacations during the summer....because we can. If you haven't used Priceline before, you've got to try it! We've stayed in some amazing hotels for super great deals, by doing the blind bidding.


flip flops. Reefs are hands-down my favorite flip flops. Not only are they cute, they are comfortable and mold to the shape of my feet. I have an older pair, but if I were ordering new ones, I would go with these!


lip gloss. In the summer, I like to keep a lighter gloss on my lips. I try to avoid too much color, but like this particular gloss because it keeps my lips moisturized and makes me feel like I've attempted to put myself together (even if I really didn't)! I love this gloss and get compliments on it, all the time!

What am I missing? I'm looking forward to hearing about your favorite summer items!


  1. Mmm I haven’t even had one mojito yet this summer and now I’m really wanting one! Plus we’re growing fresh mint so it would be fun to try at home. Happy weekend!

  2. That mojito looks delicious! Hope you all have a great weekend!

  3. Yay for the last day of school!! We have been off for 2 weeks now and it is amazing :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  4. Yay for the last day! We were out last Thursday (other side of WA), and it has been so nice. We go back on the 24th of August for Prof. Development, and school starts on the 27th. I love summer vacation! That mojito looks mighty nice. Enjoy your summer break!

  5. I love a good mojito! And Reefs are my favorite too! Enjoy your summer break! :)

  6. Girl...grab a sonic cup and sneak that mojito right into the baseball game ;) I've never tried priceline...nervous nellie over here about trying new things and pulling the trigger. I may need a tutorial. :)

  7. Those flip flops are adorable! I'm one the people that burns whenever I even consider being in the really good sunblock is a must! :-)