Sunday, June 7, 2015

Our {beautiful} weekend!

Although the weekend is over, I can't help be motivated and excited by the absolutely AMAZING forecast we've got going on! June is often unpredictable, but so far, has been beautiful. More sun in the forecast. Holla!
Friday started with a fun day for my seniors. As much as I looooove my own kids and being home with them, I am blessed to have a job that I love and students who make it worth it. My students were getting a little antsy, so we headed outside to get some fresh air (and take a quick pic)!

My big girl, reminded us from the moment she woke up, that Friday was her 1/2 birthday. I've grown up celebrating 1/2 birthdays, so I was excited to spend the afternoon with her. We played in the pool at grandma's house and went out to dinner at Applebees. I can't even handle how grown she is. She's always had a bigger than average, vocabulary, but recently, she's just seemed SO old! She learned to swim the length of grandma and papa's pool with NO lifejacket, and again, I was in awe.

Post-dinner jumps on the trampoline waaay past bedtime because mommy was tired and avoiding bedtime. ;-) What?

Adam's mom spoiled the girls with a few pair of new shoes. I can't handle the cuteness of the shoes and the little legs. Eeek!

Friday night ended with a fun "girls night out" to see "Pitch Perfect 2". Although, we realized that we are all becoming old, when it was hard to stay awake for a 9:30pm showing.
The rest of the weekend pictures are missing pictures of Adam and Jake because they were at an out-of-town baseball tournament. Because we had 4 birthday parties, I opted to stay home with the other three kiddos, so they didn't have to miss out.
We started with a trip to Starbucks and a 2-hour trip to the park on Saturday morning.

Our first party was for a sweet four year old. Her mama did an AMAZING job decorating and incorporating the Cinderella theme. She had a "chore list" for each of the kids that included stations where they had to do hair, nails, make a necklace and other sweet things like that. My girls were in heaven and had a complete ball. Pun intended.

The birthday girl and Molly. I can't wait to show them this picture later in life. In just two years they will be going to kindergarten together and they are both SO ready!

The second party was in celebration of my cousin's baby girl who turned ONE! Again, a super cute party! This time, an owl theme. They live on an incredible piece of property with one of the best yards! The kids spent most of their time in the pool, and the sprinklers to keep cool rom the heat.

Cousins Brylie and Kinsley. Happy birthday, baby girl! I definitely see the family resemblance here!

And incase you thought two parties was enough, Sunday started with another fun party in our neighborhood! One of Molly's friends turned three! I'm telling you, if you are a little girl between the ages of 2-5, this neighborhood is for you! And my girlfriend threw one of the cutest parties I've been to. She thought of every single detail! Of course, I didn't have my phone on me most of the time and missed all the good pics! Here are a couple I snagged. "Frozen" was the theme...incase you couldn't tell. ;-)

How cute is this game? The kids had to drag ice blocks across the yard, on a towel, with a bungee around the waist.

Brylie wasn't even strong enough and Molly stopped midway and started sobbing. When I ran out to check on her, thinking she was injured, she sobbed, "I wanted to win and I got beat!!!". Ha! Competitive girl!

Our final party of the weekend was at my parent's house. We celebrated my sister's 32nd birthday! I can't believe my baby sister is 32! I mean, I'm only 21, so that's impossible, right?! ;-) The kids hopped right in the water and spent most of the afternoon and evening there.

Brett actually had a slumber party with my parents on Saturday night, and together, he and my mom made this homemade ice cream cake. I'd tell you it was delicious, but Sunday was the last day of the 21-day fix for me, so I stayed strong and avoided all sweets.

My sister and her sweet boys!

Adam and Jake made it back from the tournament just in time for dessert!
One of the baseball moms sent me a couple pictures from the tourney. I'm really sad I missed it because Adam claimed it was one of the "best baseball weekends of his life". Speaking from a guy who played baseball from the time he was really little, through college, in Eurpoe and in semi-pro leagues, I'm going to take it that it was pretty darn awesome. Their second game today, ended with Jake being waved around third base (by Adam) to score the game winning run. Wish I could have seen it. I would have been a blubbering mess, I'm sure.

Their tournament was played in 90 degree temps, so Jake was super excited to hop in the pool and cool off!

Our weekend was full, but so were our hearts. A great weekend spent celebrating some of our favorite people! Hope you had a great one, too!


  1. Oh my goodness - what a fun filled weekend. I love the little shot of the sneakers - i swear kids shoes are my favorite!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love celebrating half birthdays - so fun that you guys do that too! Looks like a fabulous summer weekend!

  3. I love those little shoes! So cute! Looks like you had amazing weather for lots of fun outdoor activities this weekend! Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Shew! Busy weekend but it looks like a fun one. I want to come swim with your kids - I've been dying for a pool day!

  5. Such cute pictures! I always celebrate half birthdays too : )

  6. The best teachers are always the ones who let you go outside! :) Your parents' backyard is GORGEOUS! Looks like you're in the PNW? All of those kiddos are adorable! My friend and I went to a 10:00 movie a couple weeks ago and we were like, "This is so late. We don't go after 7:30 anymore" and were so impressed with ourselves for going (seriously...I started falling asleep a little at the end). Then she told me she was feeling sick and I said I was too and she said, "It's that dang 10 o'clock movie!" ...We're 24. Ha!