Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our weekend of milestones

I know it seems to be a common theme that we had a great weekend, but this really may have topped the charts. On Friday, we had a really bittersweet day. Not only was it the last day of school, we were saying goodbye to our incredible nanny who has been with our family the past couple of years. She is pursuing her career as a stylist (and is pretty darn talented), so we will still see her around. But, not seeing her every day is going to be hard on all of us. She was the glue to our family and honestly, I'm not sure how we will function without her. I'm sure we will learn, but the adjustment period might be a little scary! ;-)
Our boys finished 1st and 3rd grade, bringing home amazing report cards! I'm always such a proud mom when I get these. They can do a lot of things to annoy me and make me crazy, but when it comes to school, they work really hard. I'm super proud of their dedication in class. Not to mention the fact that they had really phenomenal teachers this year!

Friday night, we played in our first league playoff game. Finished with a WIN!!!!

Before heading to bed on Friday night, we set up all of the gifts for our baby girl to open when she woke up on Saturday. What a surreal moment for me. How can she already be TWO?!

She was pretty excited about her new trike!

She's lucky to have a daddy who loves her so much!

While my sister and I set up for her tea party, Adam took Brylie to the salon to have Krysta (our nanny) do her hair. Not many two year olds can say they have a hair appt for a birthday party.

I'll do an entire post about her party, but it's safe to say it was just about the cutest thing ever! Picture 13 toddlers running around in pretty dresses and bow ties, sipping on tea in their plastic cups, and having a ball.

Because our boys were obviously way too old for the party, I made them waiters. ;-)
We spent the rest of Saturday letting Brylie nap and getting the house cleaned up from the party. Saturday night, we headed out to one of our favorite restaurants for some birthday dinner celebrations!

And her gigantic strawberry ice cream dessert. As if she needed any more sugar that day!!
After dinner, we asked Brylie what she wanted to do, and of course, she chose the park! How could you argue on an 80 degree, perfect evening??

After putting the girls down, we celebrated summer with a looooong, late game of Monopoly with our boys. Seriously, they can hang! I headed up to bed well before any of them!

Sunday morning, Adam and Jake were out the door at 6am for an all day football event. I wasn't feeling up to single parenting it at church, after a busy Saturday, so we laid low and stayed in jammies until noon. The girls had a blast with all of Brylie's new toys (seriously, a perk of having two girls super close in age--they have the exact same interests)!

Brett and I laid on the couch ALL morning and read. It was absolute heaven. I had two cups of coffee and laid with a cozy blanket until lunch time. I don't remember the last time I did that. My girls played contently until then.

In the late afternoon, we headed to a friend's house for some slip n slide action...and a yummy BBQ dinner.

Our friend Mark, celebrates his birthday tomorrow, so we sang to both he and Brylie. As a side note: Brylie has a little, sweet crush on Mark. She has from the very beginning. We went down to their wedding in California last September and I think that's when it started. Since then, they've moved to WA and we see them every Sunday. She just loves him, wants him to hold her and watch her "hey Markie, watch this!" Anyway, I love that they got to celebrate their birthdays together, because I'm certain she'd pick him to be her birthday buddy, any day.

And one final note: with absolutely NO prompting from me (and probably me being more reluctant than I should have been the last few months that she was asking), we started potty training today. She really wants her ears pierced, so she's pretty motivated.
And I'm knocking on wood, crossing my fingers and doing everything I can not to jinx us....but, she had ZERO accidents the entire day! Including nap time. I'm a little nervous about tonight, but I'm praying she's as easy to train as Molly was. Say a little prayer for us! ;-)
Is it possible that we might be diaper free for the first time in 3.5 years?!

I had to include this last picture from tonight because it was just too funny. Watching the slip n slide while using the potty. #weddingslideshowmaterial



  1. What a sweet weekend. Your little Brylie is a beauty! And her birthday party looked darling, excited to see more pics.

  2. Goodness you guys had a lot of monumental events this weekend! That picture of her on the trike – so adorable and I love that she had a hair appointment for her party!

  3. Your little family is so cute! And that potty pic...adorable! Looks like you guys are off to a fab summer