Monday, June 1, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: What I wanted to be when I grew up.....

I love these “Show and Tell Tuesdays” with Andrea of Momfessionals. Today’s topic…what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Starting back when I was really young, I reallllly wanted to be a grocery store checker. I used to take all of the groceries out of my parent’s pantry, line them up, set up the brown paper bags and run them through the checkstand. Then I’d make my sister put them away. Sorry, sis. It’s funny that I remember cutting pictures of food out of magazines and the newspaper, so I could laminate them and put them up. I did have the opportunity to work as a courtesy clerk at Safeway, when I was in high school, and let's just say, my career path changed at that point. ;-) Or, perhaps a few years earlier.
I think I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I mean, my parents were both teachers, my grandpa was a teacher....teaching was in my blood. I remember having my mom bring home workbooks from her kindergarten class and forcing my brother and sister to complete them in order to have "recess time". I genuinely loved teaching from the start. I think I held a record as a babysitter, growing up, spending almost all of my free time watching kids. When I babysat, I'd come up with art projects, activities, and school work that the kids could do. I don't think anyone was shocked when we had four kids. Being around children was one of my favorite things. Still is.
And then there was my final career desire. I wanted to be on Broadway. I don't know if it would have ever happened, but I SO wanted it to! I did musical theatre my entire life and had the opportunity to do some paid summer theatre, too. I worked alongside some incredibly talented people and my plan was to move to New York after college. I remember sitting at my desk in my college apartment, searching for sublets online. In my head, that was the plan. Until I met my hubby.....the rest is history.
I think now that we've established that I am, in fact, a grown up, I'm certain I'm in the right career. I listened to my building principal talk to my students about becoming teachers someday. He said that it has to be something inside you that is passionate. Something that can't be taught. And I believe that's what I've had since before I remember. I love working with high school students (for the most part) and feeling like I have a hand in them graduating. I have so much respect for elementary students, but I don't think I could ever do that! I am a fan of the high school age, by far!! Although I really, really love being a mom (there is NO better job!), I really love my career, too. And with the support of my amazing administrative team, I've been able to balance a career with my job as a mom. For our family, that works really well.
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  1. I totally did the same thing as a kid! I would laminate all kinds of things to be used as credit cards and driver's license for customers and such! Too funny!

  2. I still feel like I'm not even a "grown up" yet, ha! I still dream about my dream jobs but I'm right there with you - grocery store was my very favorite game, I played for hours!

  3. Oh Broadway...I still dream of doing that when I grow up.