Friday, June 5, 2015

Time for my favorites!

I LOVE FRIDAYS!!! I love Fridays even more when the 10 day forecast shows temps in the upper 70's to mid-80's

And while we are talking about things we love, we have 10 days left of school. Yahoo! I know some of you have been done for weeks and probably think that's crazy, but we don't go back until September 8th, so we have a lot of summer left! And to be honest, our best temperatures are best in July/Aug/Sept, so we are taking advantage of that, for sure!
The Starbucks stainless tumbler
If you are an oil lover, this is a must have. I love this tumbler...sleek, stylish, practical and downright pretty. Get it.
And incase you need something to go in it, we (especially my hubby) love these Starbucks via's.
If you are looking for a gorgeous spring color for your nails, try this one!
Essie's: Fashion Playground
I love everything teal, so this is perfect. It's a little bit muted and soft, and versatile enough to be worn with a lot of different colors.
I had a date morning with just my boys this week. My sister (brave soul) took my girls, with her boys, to a place called "Wiggleworks", which enabled me to spend a morning hanging out with these two, handsome boys. We hung around home a bit, headed to Starbucks and had some fun conversation, and then took off to the park. I'd say we had a blast!

This picture shows a couple of my favorite things. Mixed berries are one of my all-time favorite snacks....and they work perfectly with the 21-day fix. I'm also enjoying this book, Flat Out Love, that I'm reading for our monthly neighborhood book club. I'll have a full review for you once I finish it, next week.

The puddle jumper
This is a must have if you have little ones who swim. We love our puddle jumpers! They work like a life vest, but give the kids more mobility and aren't quite as restrictive. We got ours at Costco, but you can order them anywhere. Kids love the different prints and designs. But, I'm not sure my youngest was real pleased with my picture taking, at that point. ;-)

Alright, there it is! My Friday favorites! Hope you have a great weekend with friends and family. See you Monday!


  1. I love the color of that essie - it's one of my favorites, why not try it on my nails?! Looks like such a great time with just your boys!

  2. When I grow up and have 4 kids, I want to be you. You're my mom crush for sure! What a fun time you must have had with your boys. LOVING that essie polish. I have some really similar - using it next time I mani or pedi up!

  3. Love having fun little dates with my kids! Still cracking up on the talk to the hand pic. Have a super weekend.

  4. I love Essie polishes. How fun you had a date with your boys! The talk to the hand picture is the best. Have a great weekend!

  5. Looks like you had a great week. Your little ones are so beautiful. I love that nail polish. Thanks so much for linking up to H54F!