Thursday, July 2, 2015

Five on Friday!

Oh hey, Friday. That sure came quickly!!
It was fun to have our entire family back together this week and we've taken full advantage of our time to be productive. And by productive, I mean, we've literally moved all 4 of our kids into different bedrooms. This includes paint, new décor, bedding, new mattresses, etc. All while baking in the heat---no central a/c and temps in the mid-90's. Yes, we are certifiably crazy.
Is it weird that I'm missing temps in the 70's?! Is that too much to ask?? I can't even remember the last time we had temps that low, and it won't be any time soon, according to the forecast. #meltinginWA #sendhelp
But, on to my FIVE favorites for this Friday.


One day this week, we took a break from the projects to meet up with some of our best friends and their kids for a little kickball game. We have 5 families that have kind of grown up together like an extended family. Between us, we've got 14 kids, ages 1-10. Last summer, we did a vacation to the Oregon coast with all 24 of us, but getting together has gotten harder and harder, the more kids we have (and activities we are involved in). This was an easy way to get us all together and have fun! Seriously, could these kids get any cuter?! We put them in age order. Funny, that I have the oldest and the second youngest. #momtomanychildren

As I mentioned, we are doing a huge room swap. Brett's room was the first one finished, and for the first time in 5 years, my boys slept in their own rooms. That was, until Jake decided to sneak in and sleep on his floor. I'm totally using this as leverage when he's a teen! When I asked Jake in the morning, he shyly replied, "I got lonely." These brothers are my favorite.

Costco, you've done it again! I'm still doing the 21-day fix and love finding new "fix friendly" foods to eat for dinner. I sampled these burgers last week and loved them! Fun to try something new. I ate it sans bun, although often, I'll just do a bottom bun. They are really, really good! If you like fish, I think you'll like these!
Most of you are aware that our baby girl has a kidney condition called vesicoureteral reflux. She was diagnosed 6 months ago, and at the time, put on a profilactic antibiotic and kept under the watch of both her pediatrician and urologist. We just took her back in for her 6-month testing and sadly, there hasn't been any improvement. They detected a small outpouching on her bladder (I think this is what it's called), so we will undoubtedly be doing more testing soon. I feel confident that we are in the best hands, but, as a mama, it hurts my heart to know that there is something wrong with our baby girl. We pray daily, for her complete healing, and would love if you joined us in those prayers.

Once the kids' bedrooms are completed, I'll be sure to share a full tour, but I was reminded how much I love my girl's bedding. If you haven't checked out Target's shabby chic line, you are missing out. My girls don't have identical quilts, but they are similar and I just love them! There are so many cute accessories, including throw pillows, shams, curtains, sheets, etc. It's all absolutely darling!
And just because I can, I'm adding in a sixth favorite this week. I just got a notification on my phone that my next Stitch Fix box has been shipped!!! Eeeek! If you haven't heard of this before, you need to check it out. Stat!!! I'm serious. Cutest clothes and a personal shopper all for $20 (which gets applied towards any clothing item you buy). I'll be sure to share my box when it gets here!


  1. Praying for your sweet little girl this morning (and I love her bedding ;))!

    Also… so excited to hear about your stitch fix… hope you will share!

  2. It sounds like you guys have been busy! How fun to switch out your kiddos rooms. Your little girl and her Doctors will be in my prayers. Have a wonderful 4th of July!

  3. Switching rooms... always have to make a bigger mess to get it the way you want it, right!? ha! Praying for your baby girl!
    ♥ Jen
    A Splash of Life Blog