Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy {4th of July} weekend!

It's funny, but when I went to look back on my pictures from the weekend, I couldn't remember which day was what. When you are a teacher, it all feels like the weekend! Especially when married to a teacher.

Much of our last week and this weekend was spend rearranging our kids' bedrooms. We did a lot of paint touch ups, hanging pictures and finishing touches. I can't wait to share the rooms with you!

This is what we alllll look like sleeping at night. Our downstairs stays nice and cool, but our upstairs is about 90 degrees and miserable!

Here's how we stayed cool Friday night after the kids were in bed. Costco margaritas! They made my Friday favorites list a while back and definitely do not disappoint! They aren't 21-day fix approved, but a splurge every once in a while, is necessary, I think!

Friday, we also set up the waterslide in our backyard and let the kids play. (These pictures got out-of-order). This particular one is from Amazon and worth every penny. We are on year three and the kids love it as much as they did then!

Watering twice a day has become a new normal. Our poor flowers and grass. I think everyone is wilting and melting around here!

Saturday was the fourth of July and we had a fun day planned. We met my sister and her family over at my parent's house (they were out of town, and just returned on Sunday night) to swim. In the afternoon, we had some friends over for a low key BBQ. Some years we go big, but I was happy to have a mellow year...and the kids still had a blast with their friends!
My festive veggie tray.....

And the only "real" picture I got from the day. I think this is the very first 4th, that I don't have a family picture. I am really slacking in the picture department lately. I feel like we get busy and I forget to take pics, or I can't find my phone. Seriously, though. My entire family makes fun of me because I lose my phone 3478959 times a day. I set it down in a random place, get preoocupied and then have no idea where I set it. Sometimes I'll go an hour or two before I realize it's missing. Oops.

How cute is my nephew?! He insisted that Auntie take a picture of him with his daddy, right on the front porch. I just love him.

We brought the water slide over to my parents' house and set it up so the kids wouldn't all have to share the pool. I think their view beats ours by a bit. ;-)

And my other cutie patootie nephew.

Although we didn't set off fireworks, the view from their house is spectacular. We watched fireworks going off in every direction. Brett brought a chair out in the middle of the backyard and watched until almost 11pm. It was one of the most amazing displays in their neighborhood.

Jake borrowed my phone and when I got it back, there were at least 20 pictures that looked like this. ;-) He was trying to get a good pic of a firework, but I had a good chuckle. Thanks, buddy.

Sunday, we woke up at my parents house and headed home to continue on the room swap. The girls had loooooong naps after a late night, so we took advantage of the time and worked. Adam spent some time on the waterslide with the boys and then snuggled Brylie to warm her up from the hose water.
Such a good daddy.

After a long, hot weekend, we didn't feel like doing dinner at home, so we took our kids to the waterfront. It was so beautiful! Even though temps were 95 at home, it dropped at least 10 degrees at the restaurant and we were able to sit outside comfortably.

I had to include this picture because this was a very LAME attempt at a family selfie. #fail

The lighting is too bright to see in the picture, but my view at dinner (just behind the boys) was stunning Puget Sound waters.

And my [somewhat] 21-day fix approved dinner. Mediterranean chicken. It was so good and something I would highly recommend if you like to eat at The Ram.

I hope you all had a great weekend, celebrating Independence Day with family and friends. I always say that the fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays because there are no gifts involved. Just family, friends, food and festivities. We are blessed to live in this great nation.
 God bless, America!

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  1. Happy Fourth! Love the photos - isn't it funny that we can take so many but forget that one important one (like the family photo)?Everyone in your family is so cute - love the matching outfits!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!I hear ya being a teacher as well all my days run together. I wish my husband was a teacher too so we could be off together during the summer it would be so nice ;)
    Chelsea @

  3. I love love how you guys are both teachers - summer for you must be even sweeter! Looks like such a fun weekend - I love how festive your veggie tray is! The kids all look so adorable in their patriotic clothing and that view - I could look at that all day!

  4. Looks like you all had a fun weekend full of lots of summer activities :) Love the kids outfits! Have a great week!

  5. I SO want to live in the Pacific Northwest. I am so jealous of your views! And that water bouncy thing for your kids... what a great idea. I am in desperate need of one of those for my 5 year old!
    The Busy Brunette

  6. What a fun weekend! Sorry it's still so steamy up there. I dunked my phone in the pool this weekend so I totally feel ya on the lack of pix. Hope you guys have a great week!

  7. What a fun-filled weekend! That blow-up waterside looks so fun! The kids were just telling me we should pull out the slip-n-slide. This looks WAY more fun!

  8. That waterslide looks TOO fun!

  9. I think it’s great that you got as many photos as you did, they clearly show just how much fun you had this past weekend :) And it's great to be a teacher in the summer!

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  10. That pool looks so fun for the kiddos! Glad you guys found a way to keep cool. On really hot nights we'll often sleep in our finished basement so we don't have to crank down (up?) the AC. Enjoyed looking thru your photos. Thanks for linking up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle