Monday, July 20, 2015

House tour

Sorry friends! I took a quick blogging hiatus to enjoy summer. I thought that summer would leave me more time to blog, but it's proven to be more difficult. For one, I have been sleeping in more, which means that I'm struggling to find time to blog. At night, the hubs and I are spending more time entertaining people, and we've been in to a couple shows on Netflix (hello, Blacklist), so I haven't felt like doing much night blogging. Such is life! The routine of school, seems to keep me on a better blogging schedule, and I'm hoping to get back into my groove, then.
But, I didn't want to miss out on my favorite blogging series....Show and Tell Tuesdays with Andrea at Momfessionals. Today, we are doing a house tour. I'm going to be honest, I didn't take any pictures to prepare for this, so I'm sharing random pics that I've taken over the past few months. In my mind, I was going to clean and prepare everything for really pretty pictures with my nice camera. That didn't happen, so this is the best I've got.
First of all, when we bought our house almost 7 years ago, it needed a lot of updating! Picture ivy wallpaper in the kitchen, peach walls and lots of fleur delis stenciling. It also had a gutted master bathroom (completely down to the studs) and the yard was overgrown. Part of me though we were crazy, but the other part of me saw the potential. I'm so thankful we went for it, because now, I LOVE our house. I love our yard, I love our neighborhood, and I love almost everything about our floor plan. It works well for our family and I can't imagine raising our kids anywhere else.

The outside.....

Looking from the stairs into our front entrance. I took this pic when the bench and wall organizer were still new. And apparently, there was a (perhaps, dirty?) diaper sitting there. Awesome.
The wall you see when you walk in.....
Our family room....

This picture was taken while I was mopping one day. The chairs and stools aren't normally up. ;-)
Looking at our kitchen nook. My next project is finding a larger round table to refinish and put in this space. Maybe some mismatched, fun chairs to go with. Once I do that, I'll spray paint our bar stools.
Our kitchen! I love it so much. This winter, we had the cabinets painted white, knobs and pulls installed and new appliances. We still have countertops and backsplash before it's complete.
Our dining room and part of our formal living room. You can see the piano, but unfortunately, I don't have a picture of any other parts of living room. I need to get on that for my next "Sneak Peek".
As I've mentioned before we spent a full week this summer, moving the kids bedrooms. Our boys went from sharing a room, to getting their own rooms, and our girls now share. We haven't completely finished any of the rooms, so I don't have "after" pics, but I do have some "during" or "progress" pics. Jake is an avid Husky football fan, so his room is decked out like a college dorm room. I had to close my eyes and take a deep breath as Adam helped him tack up his d├ęcor (NOT my style)! This picture was taken with pictures all over the bed, but gives you an idea.

The girls' room is my favorite in the house. I love everything about it. I can't wait to finish the details and share it with you.

Missing the bedskirts...

And finally, Brett's room. We have some framed pictures to hang on the wall next to his bed, but otherwise, his is just about done! I can't wait to share it with you.
And our bedroom....
it's due for a paint job and some new bedding this year, but I think we'll save it for a winter project.

My closet. A favorite room in the house.
The master bathroom was ripped down to nothing when we moved in. We were able to design it and have someone construct our vision. I love it!

And the only room in our entire house not to be painted. This is the kids' bathroom. As you can see, we've put some swatches on the wall, but I'm undecided on a color. Another winter project, I think. We also plan to put in new fixtures.

And finally, our downstairs powder room. I love this space...even though it's tiny, it's light and bright!
A pic of part of our backyard.

After going through all of our pictures, I realized I don't have any of our laundry room or our TV/play room. It's on our main floor and where the kids spend a lot of time. I put it on my list of places in the house that I need to photograph!
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I'm looking forward to checking out all of the other posts in this week's linkup. Looking at houses is one of my very favorite things!!!
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  1. You have a gorgeous home. That fireplace in your family room is so pretty. Did you have to update that or was it already there? I'm also a huge fan of your large stripes in the powder room! I bet you're loving your kitchen. I can't decide if I want to spend money on our kitchen countertops or just live with what we have because I like to remind David that this isn't our forever home.

  2. What a sweet little home tour…of subject but I love all your kiddos names (especially Molly's hehe)

  3. I love your family room especially how you have the mantle done! Your powder room is perfect, if we ever get around to painting our bathrooms (we've been sticking with white for now because - easy) I so want to do stripes in one.

  4. Love your house! It looks so beautiful and definitely large enough to fit all of you in it :) It must be great that the kids get their own bathroom too.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. Your house is so cute and cozy! Loved looking at all your pictures!

  6. Beautiful home! I especially love the girls' room and those name signs above their closets.

  7. Love the gallery wall in your little gal's room~ & What a gorgeous fireplace!

    So glad you joined us at "Tuesday Talk" - Love visiting your space!


  8. Your home is beautiful! I loved your sense of humor throughout the post. Especially, the picture of the kitchen with the chairs up when you said, "We don't normally have the chairs up." That gave me such a chuckle!

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your home. You can see your lighthearted personality throughout the homey space. :-)

  9. Your house is so cute! I love the organization right as you walk in the front door! Your kitchen is huge and your little girls room is adorable!!!

  10. Your house is beautiful!!!!!! I love it!!! We have a similar style! :)

  11. Love your wall organizer. Where did you buy it? I also love the colors in your powder room. Do you mind sharing the colors?? We are fixing to add a small bathroom downstairs.

  12. Love your looks like a super fun place to raise a family. :) And that bathroom...oh goodness y'all did a great job there.

  13. Love the striped wall in the bathroom! Beautiful home!

  14. You have a beautiful home! Love your master bath and striped bathrooms! Your entryway is so cute!


  15. Absolutely beautiful home! I am obsessed with your exterior. You are also a great decorator. Glad I found your blog. I am already enjoying it.

    Briana @