Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July--Stitch Fix!

Today was Stitch Fix delivery day! One of my favorite days of the month!! I had some specific requests this month, and I really feel like my stylist listened to my needs/wants and chose pieces that were practical (and pretty)! I have been so happy to have Christina for my last 4 boxes. She's GREAT!!
And for those of you who are unsure about this service, you pay a $20 syling fee for someone to do the shopping for you. After filling out a detailed profile, and including a link to any Pinterest style boards that you might have, they select five items for your box. If you end up buying any item, the $20 is applied towards it and, essentially, the styling is free. If you don't like anything, you stick it directly in the addressed and pre-paid bag they include in your box, put it in the mail box, and send it right back to the company. Couldn't be any easier. What have you got to lose??!
Click HERE to try this out!
(This is an affiliate link and I do receive a small commission when you sign up for a box. Thanks in advance).
#1--Evie Draw String Funnel Neck Sweatshirt
One of the items I requested in this box, was a lightweight, casual sweatshirt for summer evenings. I have a few friends who got this exact one, and although I didn't specifically request it, I was reallllly hoping for it! It's the perfect material to wear on the back patio at night (when it's not swealtering heat, as it's been the past month), and I love that it can be paired with jean shorts, white jeans or jeans. Verdict: Definite win!
#2--Colina Mix Material Knit Top
I wasn't sure what to think about this top when I first pulled it out, but once I tried it on, I liked it! The sleeves are a little bit sheer, so it's fancier than a typical cotton tee. I like the detailed pattern on the seam, as well. I think this will be a fun summer-y top that I can wear at school this fall, paired with grey jeans and wedges. VerdictI'm thinking yes!

#3--Lisbon Stud Detail Blouse
This was the item I was most unsure about when I first pulled it out of the box. I really wasn't sure about the studs, nor the shape of the top. It actually surprised me! I really liked the fit! It's flattering, and can be dressed up or dressed down. The length is good and I like how the sleeves hit. This is an item I can wear this summer, but will definitely wear for work this fall. And who doesn't love coral?! One of my favorite colors. Verdict: Win, again!

#4--Cindie Printed Shorts
Another request I'd made, was for dressy floral shorts. I've been searching, but haven't had anything that I've just loved. I was hoping the stylist would nail it! And she did. Sort of. I really like these, but they are just too big. I think a size (or maybe two) down, and they would fit great. I can pull these off without even undoing the button. It's hard to tell how big they are in the picture, but they aren't cute. I'm going to email customer service to see if they carry them in my size, and then I'll make my decision. The blue is really fun and I could even picture my chambray shirt or a white blouse with them, as well. Verdict: I'm thinking yes, with a size down.

#5--Mirado Lasercut Detail Blouse
I'm bummed about this one, too. I love the color, the detail is fun, I like the idea of a flow-y tank, but it's just too big. It hangs on me like a tent and the arm holes are so big that you can see my bra lines on either side. No thanks. Again, I'll email customer service, to see if they carry an XS in stock. If not, it will have to go back, sadly. Verdict: Yes, with a size down.

Okay, give me your input! I'd love to hear your thoughts. What do you love, what do you hate? Would you keep it all? Remember to click here if you've never tried Stitch Fix before. It's low risk and so much fun!!!
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  1. OMG!!!!! I love everything you got! I want to do Stitch Fix so badly! I have a few questions, though. Can you cancel at any time? How much are the pieces you were just sent? Are the prices pretty reasonable? My interest is definitely piqued!
    The BB

  2. First time I have visited your blog! I honestly love all the items in your box!

  3. What a great fix this month! I pinned the sweatshirt on my StitchFix inspiration board, even though I wouldn't be able to wear it til November here in the Texas heat!

  4. Super cute....bummer about those shorts because they are adorable! Hope they find them for you.

  5. I love the first three!!! You got great items. I would definitely be keeping them!

  6. Cute fix! I think everything looks really nice on you. You're right about the blue tank being too big though. Hopefully they have it in a size down because it looks like it would be a really fun piece!

  7. What a great fix!! That sweatshirt is perfect! And I know they're not part of the fix...but your denim shorts are so cute!!

  8. Cute fix! My favorites are the floral shirt and blue tank. I hope you can get them in your size.