Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nordstrom {Anniversary Sale} finds!!!

Oh, hey, Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love you. No, really. I do.
I could have purchased A LOT more, but between my Stitch Fix and other back-to-school purchases, I tried to limit myself, and I think I did a good job! I'm still torn on the jeans situation, which will require a trip back out there, but otherwise, I feel like my additions will be staples in my closet.
Starting with this tank. You need it. I need it.
And so I got it in two colors. Click HERE.

Pair it with this top and it's perfection. No, really.

Or this to-die-for cardi. Click HERE.

I can't decide if I like the crème or the black, more. What do you think?!

And then get THIS cute sweater/cardigan to go with it!!!

My last purchase of the day was a favorite. Zella leggings. There is no substitute...these are the best!!! And worth every.single.penny. #trustme

My jean dilemma was fierce and I just couldn't decide. Eeek. What's a girl to do?!#whenindoubtgetboth
Right? Right.
I'll let you know what I decide.
Okay, friends. Spill! What were your pre-sale picks! I haven't shopped kids or mens yet, so we'll be heading back, for sure!


  1. What a great haul! That tank is adorable and I love all of the cardigans you got!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Loving that tank!! And yes, always get it in both ;)

  3. Love the Kimono & Cream Tank Combo, headed to check them out now ;)

    Caitlin | It's the Grad Life

  4. Okay, I was starting to comment on my favorites but really I love them all - such fabulous picks! I can't wait to finally have the time to sit down and do some shopping… from my computer, ha!

  5. I love the Zella leggings! I need some :). I wish I had a Nordstrom where I live!

  6. LOVE the cardigans! I'm still waffling between a few things for the sale. I'd better make up my mind soon!

  7. I love Zella leggings too....my boxes started arriving yesterday...I am almost scared to see all that is going to show up. I bought the Wit & Wisdom jeans last year and ordered a new pair during the sale if you haven't tried them.

  8. nice clothes. you are in so good fit so any clothes look cool on you!

    better than yesterday