Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's Up Wednesday?!

I love linking up with some of my favorite bloggers for this monthly series!


Normally, I'm eating pretty healthy and follow the guidelines of the 21-day fix containers, as well as my favorite...Shakeology! However, we have been traveling and having some fun, and it's safe to say that we've been cheating a bit. Pizza and fish tacos are not on the healthy train, but they sure are good! And don't forget that Starbucks treat receipts are back!!!! My favorite time of year!

 Summer always makes me want to vacation more. I reminiscing not only about our trip to the beach, but of our trip to Hawaii at Christmas. I loooooove the beach. Sand in the toes, wind in the hair and drink in the hand. #perfection


I can't remember if I shared about this on the blog yet. I know I shared it on Instagram! If you like rootbeer and you like beer (or really, you don't have to like it much because you can hardly taste it!) try this!! It tastes like a rootbeer mixed with cream soda and it's amazing!! There is alcohol in it, so it's not a kids' drink, but I really love it!


Soaking up every minutes of summer. My kids are fish and have probably spent as much time in the water as out. I'm so proud of this girl who is becoming a really, really good swimmer! She's got floaties on here, but she is able to swim quite a distance with no help. Seriously, love her!

We've also been up to some fun vacations. Sharing more about those, soon!


The end of summer. But, we've still got about 7 weeks, so I'm trying not to think about it too much!


My goal by the end of the month, is to develop a screen time rule for the house. I've been searching high and low for something that I think will work, and I really like this list that was shared on Facebook the other day. I'm going to adapt it to make it work for our family, and then I'll share! Thinking of even stricter rules for the school year...maybe even NO screen time during the week. But, still in the thinking process on that. If you have ideas on this, I'd love to hear!

I know I've shared a lot about my newest passion :: Beachbody ::, but there are so many great {new} products out there. Cize is the newest workout series that combines exercise with hip hop dance. This is an awesome alternative if you are looking to try something fun and new! Please contact me at: familiarjoy@yahoo.com if you'd like more info on how to order. Or, there is still time to join my August 21-day fix challenge group! So much great stuff going on that I am excited to share with you!!

I put this on my list for June, but it's over 500 pages and we've had a busy summer, so I'm just now finishing it! I have a few books on my que and I'm excited to share about those, soon. For now, you've got to go and get this one! It's a great read and offers a really interesting perspective on life and how quickly things can change.

As for what I'm watching, I shared the other day, that we have been binge watching Blacklist. In fact, we finished all episodes of season 1 (22 of them!) last week, so we are about to start season 2. I also watched the finale of the Bachelorette last night. Can I be honest? I wasn't impressed AT ALL. In fact, I think this was my least favorite season of all time. Kaitlyn wasn't my favorite and I didn't like either of the final guys. #teamBen Hoping Ben is the next Bachelor. I was happy to see him go, because I think he'll find a much better woman on his own.


The theme of the summer is jean shorts (Kut from the Kloth) and tanks. I got both of these at Nordstrom, but they were last season. Sorry I don't have links! And no, I don't normally take selfies in a mirror, but I had no pictures of what I was wearing besides this. Ha!


Probably a whole lot of laundry, unpacking and getting our house ready for a busy week!


More summer break!!! I love that school isn't starting until September 8th this year, which means teachers don't have to go back at all in August. Whoop! Although football starts back in a couple weeks, I'm looking forward to lots more lazy mornings, a camping trip with friends, a couple basketball tournaments, some BBQ's and the start of Seahawks pre-season football!!!!


All of the above! Although it can be exhausting, I LOVE that all 6 of us are home together for the entire summer. Our days are often busy, but our mornings usually start slow. I also love staying up late and having *much* more time with the hubs in the summer. Seriously, that's what I look forward to most! Oh, and the constant sunshine and blue skies, the ability to be spontaneous whenever we want. And ice coffees with a good book and a lawn chair.


  1. Is "What Alice Forgot" the same as Still Alice? Probably a stupid question... I just watched Still Alice (on a plane...not a good place to cry!) and I'd like to read it now.

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. 7 more weeks of summer? Is that serious? Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous of you. And probably moving there because North Carolina teachers are the lowest paid in all of the country. So even with a move, we could probably come out making more. Ok, sorry - went on a little rant there. You guys are having so much fun this summer! Love that your kids are so active in the water. I told David we're getting Baby Girl swim lessons next summer at 6 months old so she'll always love the water ;) Also, why am I just now joining this linkup? It's so fun!

  3. Looks like you guys are having so much fun together. I have totally been eating crappy and it's been so good but I'm feeling fluffy for sure. Speaking of shakeology...I realized recently I had some tropical strawberry vegan packets and I if you haven't tried them...so yum! I am typically only a chocolate shako drinker but I have pretty much switched to this until they are gone.

  4. Looks like you all have gotten to splurge on some yummy treats! I just picked up my first Liane Moriarty book from the library and I can't wait to check it out! I like the idea of screen time limits, that's something I should impose on myself!

  5. I love the Starbuck's treat receipts too, but I end up consuming so much more coffee because of it. :) Enjoy all the splurges!


  6. Yay for pizza and fish tacos! I have heard that root beer is amazing! I have to find some out here. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Hey Missy....I have nominated you on my blog today to participate in the Sisterhood of Bloggers Award. Please don't feel obligated but if you are up for it would love to ready your answers. :)