Sunday, August 16, 2015

The weekend!

We had a packed weekend. It was fun, it was busy, a bit exhausting and full of memories!

Friday morning, we started with pictures. There are four other families that are like extended family to us. Each Christmas, we take a group "jammie" pic and we have been doing pumpkin patch pictures, and random summer pics, as long as I can remember, too. These kids have basically grown up together like cousins and we are so blessed for their friendship. Now that our families are all complete (there are 24 of us, total), we wanted to get a group picture of all the kids. Somehow we managed to coordinate their outfits, and miraculously, they all smiled. All, but the sweet little two year old on Jake's lap. ;-) Brylie was not feeling the pictures that day.

Despite that, I love how they turned out. And what a treasure they will be to our families.

And here they are, oldest to youngest.

The rest of the weekend, my boys headed to the Portland area for a basketball tournament, so it was girls weekend! Holla!

It started with a MOPS retreat on Saturday. I've mentioned before that I'm coordinating MOPS for our church this year. Getting the retreat planned and organized was a little scary and overwhelming, but the day turned out better than I thought it would. I'm super excited to work with this team!

My parents watched the girls (heaven!) and when I picked them up, we decided to head to Red Robin for dinner. Just the three of us. Even though they are just 2 and 3, we had such a fun night. Molly is a great conversationalist and they were content to sit and color and chat.

Brylie wanted me to keep taking pictures of her and it was hilarious! I could have posted at least 10 of her faces, but this one was my favorite!

Meanwhile, my boys were having a blast!

They had quite the "boys weekend"!

Sunday morning, I took the girls to church and had to snap a quick pic because they were too cute with the matching outfits and braids. And, no, I didn't ask them to put their hands on their hips. They crack me up!

After church, we went straight to my mom's house to set up for a baby shower for our dear friend who is expecting a little girl next month.

These two were reunited! Our most favorite nanny in the whole world! (It was her sister's shower)

We are so excited to meet her sweet baby girl at the end of next month!

And finally, my boys drove straight from Portland to Seattle to attend Husky picture day. #diehardfans
Coach Petersen!!! It's almost time for some HUSKY football. Go Dawgs!


  1. I love the picture!!! It's beautiful, something you and they will all cherish when they get older.

    Beautiful baby shower! My friend just had a baby girl today.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  2. You keep those kiddos busy every weekend! And it always looks like fun! Thanks for linking up again this week!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. What a fun weekend. I love the shower decor and especially that it's not all pink, even though it's for a girl. How special are those pictures? I hope Baby Girl has a close-knit group like that to grow up with!

  4. I love the picture and the idea around it! it's nice to have people that become extended cousins in your life!

    Trish - tales from trish

  5. I'm dying....I love that you guys took those pictures of all those sweet kids from big to little! Having friends that are like family is such a blessing.

  6. That picture turned out great! Love that you took them!