Monday, August 24, 2015

The weekend!

We've had a fun weekend, trying to fit in some of those summer activities that never happened. And realizing that we only have a couple weeks until school starts! I'm loving Adam's football schedule this year, because he's got mornings off. Nevermind the fact that he's gone until midnight each night, at least we get the morning and early afternoon to hang out as a family. I really feel like we've made the most of it this season!
The children's museum is a favorite. I was worried that Jake would be a little old for it this year, but I think he ended up having as much fun as the other kids. It's a great place!

After daddy headed to football, we headed to fro yo!

Friday morning, we set out for a local wildlife park called Northwest Trek. Our temps have been ridiculously hot this summer and the thought of walking around here was not high on my priority list. But, Friday, temps cooled to the low 70's (which called for sweatshirts and jeans!), so it was the perfect day to go! The animals were all out and we really enjoyed our time.
And, of course we had to wear all of our Seahawks gear for BLUE FRIDAY!

Saturday morning called for a trip to the local farmer's market. We treated the kids to shaved ice and it was delicious!

And you can't leave without a fresh bouquet of market flowers!

Saturday afternoon, I was beat, so I put Brylie down for a nap, let Molly play ABC Mouse on the kindle and I curled up with a coffee, a blanket and a book....for 2 hours! I can't even tell you how heavenly that was!

Saturday evening we had a birthday party for a couple of our sweet neighbors. Look at all these cute kids!

After church on Sunday, Brett and I headed out for our annual back-to-school shopping trip. He's so funny. I offered to buy him things (shoes, clothes, whatever....) and he'd reply, "that's okay mom. I already have so much of that stuff." I'm serious, I practically had to beg him to let me buy things!

Sunday afternoon and evening we had a much needed family evening at home. We spent hours in the backyard and just hung out and relaxed.
You may notice the haze in the air. It's actually smoke. The wildfires up here in WA have been devastating. Please pray for the 3 fallen firefighters and the one still in recovery. They are true heroes. And please pray for rain!

Adam left for his meeting once the girls went to bed, so Brett and I spent time learning how to tie his shoes. Brett has always struggled with fine motor skills and has never fully learned to tie. I was determined that he wouldn't go to second grade without mastering this skill. We looked up a new technique on YouTube (magic fingers!) and it worked! I'm so proud of him!
And this pic is out of order, but we had Chinese takeout for dinner, which is a favorite! Adam and I are starting another round of the 21-day fix today, so we celebrated last night! I'm so excited that some of you, my blog readers, are in the group!! It's been amazing, meeting people through the online world, and feeling like I know them. This will be my third group this summer and they keep getting better! If you've thought about joining, but haven't pulled the trigger, send me an email and we can chat. ;-)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, too! Hard to believe that school starts two weeks from tomorrow!

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  1. Love the pictures from the wildlife park...that looks like an amazing way to spend a Saturday! We could use some rain here in Texas too along with some cooler temps. That chinese food looks yummy....can you believe I've never had Panda Exrpess?? Hope you have a super week.

  2. everyone looks so happy! what a perfect little weekend for everyone! anytime there's fro-yo AND shaved ice in the same weekend --- you know you're living the life :)

    Trish - tales from trish

  3. Great pictures! Always love farmer's market flowers!

  4. How do you manage to get so many great pictures in just one weekend? My favorite is the one of the four kids cheers-ing with their ice cream. I'm so jealous you still have more time before starting back to school. Live it up for me, too, ok? :)