Thursday, September 17, 2015

FIVE on Friday!

Hello, Friday. You are my favorite! Especially today.
It's the last day of the first full week of school, and I've got to be honest, I'm beat. My voice is practically gone because it's so tired from overuse, and I haven't been sleeping well at night. The first few weeks of school are like a blur to me....and then I settle into a routine and all is well again.
But, it's Friday! I'll fight through the exhaustion for a smile. And am looking forward to some great football tonight!
With that said, here are some of my favorites from the week.
Bolthouse Farms dressing. If you haven't tried it, you need to! I started buying it after I learned that it was approved for the 21-day fix. And then I was hooked! I used to have 34789325 coffee creamers in my fridge, and now I have these. My favorites are classic ranch, avocado cilantro, and blue cheese. But, there are so many more than that. Most grocery stores carry them in the refrigerated section, right by the bagged salads. Try them! You're welcome.

Starbucks, you win. Again. I've always loved the classic look of the Starbucks cup, and the holiday cup....but hello cute Seahawks sleeve. I mean, really. These are just the cutest! And when the hubs delivers one of these on a weekend morning, they taste that much better!


This girl, on her very first day of preschool, is one of my favorites this week. She was SO excited to finally start school! I love her excitement and I can't wait to watch her growth over the course of the year. Molly Kate, we love you!


New babies are always my favorite! One of my girlfriends gave birth to a sweet, fresh, delicious new baby yesterday. The girls and I visited her today and we couldn't have been more smitten. She's just perfect! Meet sweet baby Avery.


Fair scones. Yesterday, our school district takes a 1/2 day (yes, you read that right) to go to the state fair. We took our kids, got them each a ride bracelet, and we let them ride until we literally dropped. Adam and I were so beat when we got home that we walked straight up to our room, and literally fell into our bed. Neither of us remembers even falling asleep. Getting up this morning was rough. Really rough! But, it was worth it because we had a GREAT time at the fair. We splurged on some fair food, which included krusty pups, scones and cow chip cookies. #holla! Good thing we just ended our last round of the 21-day fix and won't be starting another until next Monday. Ha!

With that, T.G.I.F. I hope you have a fantastic weekend with the people you love the most! XO

A special shout out to the ladies at H54F! I got an email last night, letting me know that I was their featured blogger. Totally honored and surprised! Check out their fun blogs and join in with their Friday linkup!


  1. Your family is so darn adorbs! Ok, PRAYING I will be able to find the Boathouse dressing at my Safeway!! I have never seen it..but then again, I have never looked. :) Have a GREAT weekend and get some rest, my friend! XO

  2. I'll have to try those dressings! I never have before, but ialways like trying new ones!

  3. Molly Kate looks adorable :) What a great first day for her. Glad you made it through the week, first full week is tough for everyone.

    I love Bolthouse, do you drink their drinks too? I love those as well.
    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  4. You have such a beautiful family! And those Starbucks sleeves are awesome, even though I have no interest in football! I always love when they switch up the cups and sleeves! Congrats on being the featured blogger and have a great weekend! :)

  5. Hello from High Five for Friday.... I understand totally about the first week of school being a blur. I teach too and it really is the whole month of September that blurs until I get the routine for students and myself down. Enjoyed getting to know you.

  6. State fair sounds so fun! I took the kids to the Tx State fair for the first time last year and I really hope we get to go again this year. Congrats on the feature!

  7. Seahawks sleeves on Starbucks cups? How cool!! And I love fair time! It's such a fun outing, right?? Hope you're able to rest up this weekend after a really busy full week back at school. So excited we got to feature you this week at H54F!! :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  8. Stopping by from H54F! Congrats on the feature! Your family is beautiful! Looks like a fun filled day at the fair...those are some of my favorite memories from my childhood (and adulthood!) so I'm sure kiddos will love having similar ones themselves. Hope your weekend was fantastic and relaxing!


  9. Such a great family picture and your daughter looks adorable on her first day of school! XOXO
    Thanks for the dressing recommendation. I'm going to put it on my grocery list!

  10. First day of preschool?! Her hair looks adorable!

  11. Seahawks sleeves on Starbucks cups? That is too cool. I love their fall cups this year. A half day at the fair?!!! It sounds like you had a blast!