Monday, September 14, 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday

I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, to share my Show & Tell Tuesday post. Today's 5 people you'd want to invite to a dinner party.
This was REALLY hard for me because there are so many people I'd love to have at a dinner party. I want fun, intriguing, inspiring, uplifting and down to earth people there.
1. Kelly Ripa

The obvious choice, for me, is Kelly Ripa. She's my celebrity crush and has been since she started on Regis and Kelly many, many years ago. She's fun, funny and I think she'd be so easy to chat with! Seriously, I think we'd be friends! Even though I never watch TV at 9am, I DVR her show and have for 5+ years. Often, I only watch little clips from the beginning of the show, but she's my favorite person on TV so she'd get the first invite.

2. Russell Wilson
My second choice would be Russell Wilson. How can you not love this guy? Not only is he a tremendous superstar athlete, but he's a humble Christian with a great head on his shoulders. Sitting down and talking with him would be so inspiring. He seems friendly and real. Exactly the kind of guy that I'd want to have over for dinner with friends.
3. Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood. She's second only to Kelly Ripa as far as my celebrity coaches go. I LOVE HER. And I've met her. I actually have my picture with her. I'm sure she remembers me. I mean how could she forget? I'll tell you what, though. This girl is tiny! I'm 5'6" 120 lbs and I towered over her like a beast! Seriously, she can't weigh more than 100 lbs soaking wet and I bet she's not over 5'2". So, she'd have to show up in some heels to make us taller people not feel so freakishly tall! ;-) Though, she was so kind and sweet when I met her, and I'm certain she would be the perfect guest at a party!
4. Oprah Winfrey
And who wouldn't invite Oprah? I actually shared this with my students last week, in class. I heard about an informal study that a magazine did with it's readers, asking them to choose one celebrity to sit next to on an airplane. I think Oprah won by a landslide. She's confident, but full of character and integrity. I would love to listen to her tell stories about her life and all that she's done to help the girls of South Africa with the Leadership Academy. Her work is amazing and so is she!
5. Kate Middleton

The final guest at my party would be Princess Kate. I'm not sure what it is about her, but she intrigues me. She lives in the constant spotlight, and yet she seems so normal. I would love to chat with her and let our kids play. Obviously, I know nothing about her, other than what the media portrays, but I see her as a very down to earth mom, who makes her kids a priority. She's elegant and classy, without being over the top. It would be fun to see her interact with the guests.
Okay, now I really want this party to happen! These people are so fun!!! Who's coming to your party? Can't wait to hear!
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  1. I would so love to eat with Carrie, Kelly and Kate - those ladies are the best!!

  2. Oh goodness how could I not have thought about Carrie Underwood!! I think she is so beautiful and has the very best legs ever. Did not realize she is that tiny! I am the most unwitty person on the planet and I am thinking that Kelly Ripa must intimidate the hell out of me because she makes me nervous. haha

  3. Love your list Kelly! Glad to see I am not the only one inviting an athlete to the party :)

  4. Great list!! Princess Kate was on my list, too. I love that you've got Russell Wilson surrounded by a ton of great women. You'd have a killer dinner party :)

  5. This is just such a great list! I would love to join this dinner party!!

    - Seri

  6. After the fact I thought of Duchess Kate. She fascinates me too - what girl didn't dream of growing up and becoming a princess and it came true for her! :)

  7. Loving your selections! Carrie Underwood is my girl crush. My favorite part is that your crew would all get along so well together. Well, Russell might feel a little intimidated by all the beautiful women but I'm sure he'd manage!