Sunday, September 13, 2015

The weekend!

Whew! What a weekend! I survived my first week back-to-school and am (mostly) looking forward to another great week with my students. It was so nice to have a fun-filled, sunny weekend, to keep the flame of summer alive!
Friday, our state fair opened and I met my sister, her kids and my parents (who had my girls) down there for a fun-filled afternoon! Originally, our plan was to buy the kids ride bracelets so they could spend an afternoon doing rides, but we found out that opening day, there are NO ride bracelets. Say what?! So instead, we opted for the food, the animals and all the sight seeing. We'll go back another day for the rides!
Oh, and did I mention that it was H-O-T?! Yeah, I was sweating! And pushing a double stroller. The entire afternoon. #icounteditasmyworkout #duh

Oh, and it was Blue Friday, too! If you aren't from the Seattle area, you wouldn't understand. Trust me. ;-)

Friday night, after logging 3479249 miles of walking at the fair, we drove up north for Adam's football game. It was a beautiful night! Sadly, we lost the game (especially after being ahead by a lot at half time).  However, it was non-league, and doesn't count in our record. My mother-in-law graciously watches our kids most football games so that I can watch without wrangling and dealing with overtired, cranky children. It is a HUGE blessing to me!

Saturday morning, the sun was shining, and my car was full of kids excited for Jake's very first official tackle football game. Adam had been there much earlier setting up, so I was alone, the music was blasting and we were pumped!!

People kept asking me if I was nervous because Jake plays quarterback. Honestly, I thought I would be, but I wasn't. Mostly, just SO excited. I love the absolute passion my boy has for the game. He studies film, draws plays for days, and talks football with his daddy, non stop. When he's on the field, I'm just so happy because I know he is, too.
They had a great win over this team and Jake had a couple TD's and some fun plays to watch. A great start to the season!!

We commemorated the moment with a family pic.
Saturday afternoons were for naps and some cookie baking with chef Brett. These whole wheat sugar cookies were yum! And he made them completely from scratch with ZERO help from either of us! I'm telling you, he's getting good! Someday, he's going to make some lady happy! Who wouldn't want to marry a chef?!

Sunday, we made a pact that the day was all about our family. We are going in a million different directions, and we wanted to focus on each other. We missed church (for the first time in a loooong time) and spent our entire morning just hanging out and enjoying eachother's company. Adam even went up and grabbed Starbucks for the special occasion. Molly felt it necessary to add some flair to her Seahawks gear as we prepared for the first regular season game against the Rams. Another sad loss!

This is what they did, while me and the boys watched the game.

And then Sunday night brought dinner with my entire family. One of my favorite nights of the week.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend with family and friends! Bring on week #2 of school!



  1. Looks like a perfect family weekend! We missed church yesterday and spent the day together too...finally cooled off here and I just didn't want to do a thing but be. Have a great week!

  2. What a fun weekend, clearly busy :) I'm glad you had a day as a family. Sunday's are our family day too. We usually spend it cleaning and then spending the rest of it just spending time together and cooking dinner together.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. Looks like a fun weekend! I'd say it is totally fair to ocunt that as your cardio haha!